Dental disease is unfortunately common among our domestic animals and often costly to treat. We understand this. We work to keep your costs manageable and give you options so that you can be involved in the process. 
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Here is an approximation of our costs to help you plan and budget:

Cleaning and Polish: $190

This price assumes that your pet is young and only needs a good cleaning. If your pet is older and/or needs more extensive work, costs will increase. Please understand that it can be difficult to assess what additional treatments will be needed until after your pet is anesthetized and each tooth examined.
All patients will receive IV catheters for safety.  This is included in the price.

Pre-anesthesia blood testing: starts at $65

We recommend blood testing for all patients undergoing anesthesia. However, if your pet is under 8 years of age and thought to be otherwise healthy, we do not generally require it. Basic blood tests will check cell counts, sugar, kidney, and liver values. These tests will help us better assess the health status of your pet and determine if there are additional precautions we need to take before anesthesia. Depending on the health of your pet, additional testing may be needed.

Intravenous (IV) fluids: $25

We recommend intravenous fluids for all patients undergoing anesthesia but if your pet is under 10 years of age, we may not require it.  Fluids help maintain blood pressure and good blood pressure is vital to provide oxygen to organs. 

Small tooth extractions: $15 per tooth
Large tooth extractions: $25 per tooth

Antibiotics and pain medication are approximately $35-50

Antibiotic costs are difficult to predict. Cost will vary based on the size of your pet and which antibiotics are used. Antibiotics and pain medication are required for all patients who undergo tooth extractions or any other procedure at risk of infection.

Dental x-rays usually fall in the $30-60 range

X-ray cost are also difficult to predict because every patient is different. Some may need several x-rays while others may not.

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